As close as most of us are going to get to feeling like we’re in a James Cameron submersible, ‘Coral’ is immersive cinema at its most spectacular”.

– Kenneth Turan, LA Times

I must recommend Lynette Wallworth’s doc-art-installation, Coral: Rekindling Venus … the immersive effect of the dome gives the watery colors a brilliant intensity and brings to life the beguiling dances of hundreds of little creatures that live on the coral. Combined with a haunting soundtrack, it feels like you are living in a David Attenborough dream illustrated by Salvador Dali …. this is real cutting-edge use of the documentary form that will prove popular. It seems that it’s the artists that are regularly teaching filmmakers how to better use documentary and attract bigger audiences.”

– Hussain Currimbhoy, Sheffield Doc/Fest Film Programmer

CORAL: REKINDLING VENUS stunned festival audiences who were lucky enough to score a ticket to the 10 seat theater in Park City. This brilliantly conceived project received rave reviews and rapidly became one of the “must see” screening event of the 2013 festival. It makes it even more thrilling that CORAL was able to thrill and stimulate audiences in 12 planetariums around the country. Lynette Wallworth has created a truly inspired transmedia presentation that is surely destined to continue to grow and influence audiences to become aware of the planet’s endangered coral reefs.

– Shari Frilot, Senior Programmer
Sundance Film Festival & New Frontier at Sundance

… audible gasps filled the room, audience members clasped their hands to their chests and a few left the planetarium in tears. Through imagery and music, Wallworth offered audience members an opportunity to gain a personal connection to our oceans”.

– Mera McGrew, The Huffington Post